Bitcoin is the currency of freedom

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego visited El Salvador. President Nayib Bukele gave him a symbolic Bitcoin and then told him about the planes in El Salvador related to the most important cryptocurrency.

However, the received BTC is not the first in the billionaire’s wallet to officially announce that he stores up to 10% of his net worth in Bitcoin. In addition, he will think about the possible sale of cryptocurrencies only in 30 years.

Billionaire Probitcoin from Mexico

Already in June of last year it was known that Ricardo Salinas Pliego was the BTC hodler. This is important because Pliego is the third richest man in Mexico. The investor is active on Twitter and his account is followed by almost 996,000 people. Through this platform, the billionaire began to persuade netizens to follow his example and start investing in BTC in November 2021.

He did it once again in a video containing New Year’s wishes. In addition to self-confidence and avoiding jealousy, Ricardo Salinas Pliego also wanted… to buy Bitcoins.

By the way, it is worth mentioning that another popular investor also used to invest 10% of his assets in crypto, which we described in the article: Billionaire reveals that 10% of his assets are in Bitcoins.

Business meeting or interest in the first probitcoin country?

Pliego met with the president of El Salvador in the company of Max Keizer. Although the billionaire is associated with Grupo Elektra, which operates, among others, in El Salvador, the purpose of the meeting was to show support for the president of Bitcoin. Among the topics discussed were Bitcoin-based volcanic bonds, which could contribute to the creation of a global financial center and benefit El Salvador’s GDP.

After the meeting, Ricardo Salinas Pliego said: I am sure that only thanks to freedom can we develop as a civilization and I am sure that Bitcoin is the currency of freedom.

“I am sure that only with freedom can we evolve as a civilization and I am sure that Bitcoin is the currency of freedom.”

The president of El Salvador attracts successful characters

Max Keizer (@maxkeiser) described Pli’s encounter with Bukele on Twitter as follows: Nayib Bukele made Bitcoin legal tender, which caught the attention of the most talented and successful entrepreneurs around the world.

“@nayibbukele making #Bitcoin legal tender has caught the attention of the world’s brightest and most successful businessmen.”

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