฿it-Easy ★ bitcoin guide for beginners 2022 ★

Hi, I’m sure you’ve been told wonderful things about the bitcoin world like «Bitcoin gives free money to people with computers» or pessimistic things like «to use Bitcoin you have to use a program that wastes electricity for nothing.»

People are discovering Bitcoin in many ways, but they generally have some kind of misconception of what it is and how it works.

Bitcoin is a complicated technology, and it can take time to understand how ingenious it is.

So forget about most of the things you’ve heard about bitcoin

for a while 😀

Bitcoin can mean many things to each person:

possibly if you could ask your great-grandchildren of the future about bitcoin, they will tell you that bitcoins were something people used before we had bitcoins

or possibly if we ask your grandmother and she knows what bitcoin is, she will tell you that bitcoins are like money that you can send like email.

Whereas, to a tech savvy bitcoin can mean very secure money over the Internet protocol.

I’m trying to tell you that bitcoin means different things to different people.

For an entrepreneur like you and me, bitcoin could mean like lego chips that can be used to build anything

and so on…

I won’t get into it anymore… let’s go with the tutorial

and I wish you a lot of bitcoins 😀

What is BitCoin

Bitcoin is an agreement between a community of people to use twenty one million mathematically secure tokens as money.

Bitcoin does not need to be approved by anyone but the members of the community, because the community gives all its value to the bitcoins, they do not need to be accepted by anyone else or endorsed by any authority to succeed.

What problem does Bitcoin solve?

mathematically, the implementation of the bitcoin protocol solves the problem of «having to trust someone», a traditional currency has to trust all kinds of people for it to work and in some cases that trust is often abused.

With Bitcoin, no one person can abuse the system.

No one can create more coins than allowed
No one can reuse coins by making a copy
No one can use someone else’s coins without having access to their private keys.

Sounds good doesn’t it? and how is it possible? It is possible thanks to state-of-the-art cryptography and a hashing protocol called SHA-256.

Which translates to, very smart, talented and powerful people working on this project.

Bitcoin transfers are irreversible and work just like cash, there are no intermediaries like paypal or credit cards.

This guarantees that bitcoins are sent from person to person instantaneously through an Internet network.

having a bitcoin is so secure, imagine that you open your wallet and every bitcoin you have is protected by 100 unique padlocks that are only unlocked with every payment you decide to make voluntarily.

And the most important thing: How to earn bitcoins for yourself?

Here begins the really good part of this tutorial. So get ready because I am going to show you a completely innovative and decentralized way to work online and create highly productive and profitable projects.

I’m going to show you all the alternatives you have to start earning bitcoins, and I’m going to teach you how to store them in the safest ways there are, and also to learn how to trade them.

but first I am going to let your imagination fly for a few moments, pay attention to me

remember I told you that the tokens add up to 21 million bitcoins right?

Each token is called «satoshi» and a single bitcoin can be divided into 100 million units (tokens) or satoshis. If you give a bitcoin as a gift you can send amounts as small as 10 thousand satoshis to thousands of people.

Imagine that someone gives you 10 thousand satoshis, I advise you to take care of them very well, since at present 10 thousand satoshis are equivalent to approximately $ 6 dollar and 35 cents which is not much

but imagine that its price in a few months will rise to 100 thousand dollars (each bitcoin), now each satoshi or «token» you have, will increase its value and you will have earned 5 times that value or more than $ 40 dollars.

In conclusion: all this mathematical technology may be a bit complicated, but what it means in practice is that Bitcoin can make you a millionaire and change the world as we know it.

Part 1 How to store Bitcoins securely

If you are already determined to earn a lot of bitcoins this year you should think about the best ways to store them, which are practical, safe and according to each situation.

Cloud wallets: Wallets like, xapo, or coinbase are wallets that you can use to store your bitcoins, these are hosted on the Internet and work similar to paypal, you log in and you can send and receive bitcoin payments.

Hardware wallets: Hardware wallets offer high levels of privacy and security, your bitcoins are received and stored on an HID-class USB device and your private keys are kept secret.

Mobile Wallets: Mobile wallets such as «Bitcoin Wallet» are secure and decentralized, the application is a good choice for non-technical people who want to store, send and receive BTC (Bitcoins).

Desktop wallets: If you have a computer with a lot of capacity and memory, you can download the complete core of the entire bitcoin network. And store your bitcoins on your own computer. However it is not as easy to use as App wallets or cloud wallets. But it is much more secure.

Paper wallets:

My favorite, this whole era of great technology and fancy devices. It boils down to a piece of paper for me. I don’t care if the internet goes down, my computer gets destroyed or all my emails and accounts get stolen.

I have all my bitcoins in my wallet, folded up on a sheet of paper. And the private keys buried 10 meters underground in a mountain that only I know.

hahaha, well I’m exaggerating a bit. But well, it’s true, if you have more than 1 bitcoin I recommend you to store them in the safest way. In a paper wallet

Learn how:

  • Open the page wait for it to load well, and then turn off the Internet modem. And leave your computer and printer without any network connection.
  • Now start moving your computer mouse randomly and wait for 100% completion.
  • Now print your bitcoin wallet address, cut the sheet in two, the public key is the one you must give when you want to receive a payment.

And the private key keep it in a secret place (10 meters underground) if you lose it, you lose your bitcoins.

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