In the Netherlands, the heat generated by Bitcoin miners was used to heat flower farms

Holland, the «capital of tulips», needs a lot of heat during the winter season to heat the greenhouses in which the flowers are grown. It turns out that the thermal energy generated by one of the Bitcoin farms was not wasted.

Miners and their Bitcoin mining computers generate a lot of thermal energy, which is usually wasted. In the Netherlands, one of the owners of a flower farm together with a «miner» came up with the idea of ​​​​using it and an unusual symbiosis.

A similar idea had already been implemented in one of the Norwegian sawmills. What’s going on? Well, the Bitcoin farm is safely located next to one of the Dutch greenhouses, thanks to which the thermal energy heats it and allows the flowers to grow faster. In Norway, on the other hand, the heat given off by the computers was used to dry the wood in the sawmill.

Although, of course, the «Bitcoin mine» itself is not too eco-friendly, at least growing flowers can save fuel to heat a greenhouse and thus better serve nature. In turn, the owner of the excavators can benefit from cheaper electricity.

Malaysian police shut down an illegal bitcoin mine. More than 1,000 people. 700 bulldozers were confiscated.

Cryptocurrency mining is a very profitable business. Some people, seeing a way to get rich quick, decide to set up an illegal mine. This is often related to the problem of electricity theft from the power grid. This was also the case for the mine in the Manjung region of Malaysia. Fortunately, this time the services worked efficiently and ended their activities by taking over the equipment used for excavation.

Another success can boast the Malaysian police. Last year we reported that it destroyed 1,069 bulldozers seized during mine action that steal electricity. Now we are facing a very similar performance, although for the moment there has been no disposal of equipment. Police inspected apartments in Malaysia’s Manjung district, where a fairly large cryptocurrency mine was discovered. A large amount of equipment was also seized.

The police took over 1 thousand. 720 bitcoin miners, 15 monitors, 22 processors, 16 keyboards, 56 modems, Toyota Hilux car, 44 fans, seven CCTV cameras, and a laptop. The total value of these items is approximately RM 3.5 million or US$800,000. The equipment came from up to 30 of the 75 facilities audited. Regardless, they all stole electricity, the value of which was estimated to be about RM 2 million (nearly $500,000).

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